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A Gang Cop’s Reply to Latest Post On the Alex Sanchez Case

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As Fairly Civil expected, the previous post on Father Greg Boyle’s filing for the defense in the Alex Sanchez MS-13 case (see here) provoked …um… strong reaction from some members of the Southern California law enforcement community.

[Update: Sanchez was again denied bail on October 19, 2009 by Judge Manuel Real.]

One of the more outspoken was the following communication from retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Richard Valdemar:

I worked the Metropolitan FBI Gang Task Force which targeted the Mara Salvatrucha gang (1994-2004). Father Boyle may yet be a Catholic priest, but he has no credibility with this Catholic. His actions in the past have been very anti-police in nature and I believe this comes from his own personal issues and prejudices. I believe his conduct in the past in protecting wanted gang members was immoral and unethical. I believe that he was sanctioned in the past by the Catholic Church. He has a political agenda and his support of Alex Sanchez and Homies Unidos has become an embarrassment, which can be corrected if Alex Sanchez is somehow acquitted.

There could be several valid explanations for the conversation and they do not necessarily mean that Sanchez is not a member of Mara Salvatrucha, or a Shot Caller;

The Los Angeles Mara Salvatrucha gang is made up of sub-groups or cliques. Each of these cliques supposedly operates with some autonomy from the gang in general, while at the same time holding to the identity and goals of the whole gang. These cliques have de-facto charismatic leaders and vote within the clique in matters that do not necessarily involve the whole Mara Salvatrucha. If a MS member, no matter how influential, tried to interfere in the activity of a clique which he was not a member of, he would be rebuked by clique members and leadership that were members of the particular clique who held voting power. Thus you might hear…

CAMARON: Listen man! And-and-and-and I don’t know why you [stutters] come … you know, and you get involved in things, when you are not longer active, man! You see? Better yet, what you should do is to be careful with the “United Homies” and not-not to get involved in our things, you see? [Call breaks] [UI] with us, because you are no longer active, see what I mean?

But I believe the best explanation is that Alex Sanchez (a MS shot caller), by becoming a leader of Homies Unidos, the “respectable” political arm of the Mara Salvatrucha, and associating with the likes of LA Sheriff Leroy Baca, California Senator Tom Hayden and radical political Catholic Priest Greg Boyle, Sanchez insolated himself from the MS cliques and gang street soldiers who now consider him “inactive” in the daily criminal business of the gang. Alex Sanchez was a MS shot caller when I retired in 2004, and I am sure he has not been “jumped out” of the gang or Camaron’s words would have been much more threatening. What Camaron is telling him is, you take care of the Politics and we will handle the dirty business of killing. But they are still part of the same criminal gang.

By the way, did Alex Sanchez (the supposed ex-gang member) upon learning of Camaron’s evil plot, run and inform his mentor, the good Father Boyle, who of course contacted the police so that the crimes could have been prevented? …Never Happened did it?

Sergeant Richard Valdemar

LASD Major Crimes Bureau (retired)

Power serve.

  1. […] No doubt, the government will have an answer (not filed as of this posting).  If it does not have a zippy and persuasive reply to the following, you won’t be able to count the ruined careers on all your hands and toes.  [For a reply to this post, and to Father Boyle's filing, from a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's gang sergeant, go here.] […]

      11.poplockerone Says:
      October 19th, 2009 at 1:58 pm
      Father-G should not interfere with this on-going federal court trial. The defense can hire a neutral spanish interpreter. Having Father-G put his two cents in it doesn’t help anyone – specifically Homeboy Industries, its now looking more like a repeat of “PardonGate”. Father-G has enough problems with gang members posers, dirty undercover Mexican Mafia carnales, and financial headaches.
      I just hope not to find out later through my sources that Father-G had some asshole EME shotcaller reached out and “touch” him – forcing Father-G to stand up for this idiota.

  2. Someone should ask Mexican Mafia dropout Rene Boxer Enriquez about Father Boyle. He mentioned the Mexican Mafias use of the “Good” Father several times in debriefings. And Ask Father Boyle how his personal vehicle got towed and impounded in Whitter when a Mexican Mafia associate was arrested for drug possesion driving it several years ago.

  3. That was a horrible interpretation of the call by Valdemar. Retired cop, or no. If someone is calling you a snitch, and you decide to check them on it, and then they turn around and say “Butt out. You are not down with us anyway. You’re inactive.” That does;t mean you are interfering in clique business. You are defending yourself from being called a snitch. I don’t call Alex defending himself “interfering” in clique business. And how could Homies Unidos become the political arm of MS when most of their workers aren’t even from MS?

  4. How Paul? Because they all fall under the Mexican Mafia umbrella. Regardless if MS workers are employed. I think the interpretation is extremely likely and correct. It’s common for the highest shot-caller to not get his hands dirty and commit murders himself. He is more of the director of a movie, and dictating what goes on. You don’t ever see the director in the film playing a part himself, do you?

    If Sanchez was truly in-active as in being a dropout, he wouldn’t be communicating with other gang members from his barrio. He would be ostracized and be targeted for death for even getting involved in business.

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