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In bad manners, Crime, Drugs, Mexico on October 5, 2009 at 8:14 pm

cornoers van mexico

Wow!  I just read what is probably the best single post I have ever read on the drug traffic.  It appears to be written by a law enforcement officer somewhere [“Greetings From Your Pal Al”] and  includes this truly masterful paragraph:

How could anybody with half a brain not know that people are killed – murdered – on a massive scale all over marijuana? People need drugs so badly that it’s “OK” with them that 30 people were beheaded – in one day! – by a cartel?

Now, that is a grabber.  Are you listening in California to this?

You must read the whole thing here.

  1. Golly! What a compliment. No, I am not a Law Enforcement agent, I just study this stuff carefully. I am a 36 year old, 90 pound female who is a former kindergarten teacher and also worked in NYC real estate for many years! I’m not one to really have the physical strength to go 15 rounds with any drug kingpin. I simply find DTO’s terribly interesting.

  2. mmmmmmmm but the only reason for this type of violence is because there is a DEMAND for marijuana BECAUSE it is illegal- and anything illegal that is in demand must be supplied by someone/thing criminal. Someone willing to take those chances… If it were legalized, it would be a hell of a lot easier to purchase LEGALLY, grow, alas the need for criminals to supply it would significantly drop and thus most of the sick and twisted violence involved with criminals with ANY drug would also drop or cease to exist in such a manner. SUPPLY and DEMAND. It’s basic. You could be talking about pop-tarts or McDonalds here, and if the demand for it existed, and it was illegal, I’m pretty sure there would be some very similar results….

    -Your Local Pothead

  3. This article is rediculous, so who pays you to say this crap? These murders ARE NOT OVER MARIJUANA, they are over the TRAFFICKING ROUTES that brings drugs, money, guns & people. To tie these murders specifically to Marijuana is clearly a rotten attempt to smear marijuana as some dangerous drug.

    THE REALITY IS MARIJUANA IS HARMLESS AND SHOULD NOT BE ILLEGAL. Alcohol & Tobacco which are legal and regulated KILL 100’S OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE YEAR IN THE UNITED STATES ALONE, yet nobody is trying to portray them in a bad light.

    The hipocracy of this article and your nerve to even remotely try to support it makes every American with half a brain feel disgust.

    Grow up little man, its a big world out there, and you cant hide behind your ignorance forever. Start doing RESEARCH on your pieces before you publish them, people are reading and you are making yourself look uneducated.

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